NUK Connect-and-Play Teether Set

Model No. : 10256224
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Teething can cause great discomfort to many babies. Which is why they need more loving care during this time, and products that can distract, encourage them to play und make this important development stage easier.

The NUK Connect-and-Play Teether Set helps your baby in many ways: both of the NUK Soft and Classic Teething Rings massage the roof of the mouth and the gums and help relieve the pressure in the jaw. The Cool Teething Ring cools painful areas. The ergonomic shape of the ring means that your baby can reach all areas of the jaw easily. Chewing on the teething ring also stimulates the flow of saliva and helps prevent tooth decay. Not only do the soft studs of the surface make children want to touch the teething ring, they also want to play with it by snapping it together.

Making teething more relaxed: the NUK Connect-and-Play Teether Set – versatile and effective, so you can really get your teeth into things in the future.

  • To massage, relieve pressure and cool during teething
  • Ergonomic shape to reach all areas of the jaw
  • Stimulates saliva flow which helps prevent tooth decay
  • Snaps together for playing
  • Cooling ring contains no liquid
  • Made from high-quality synthetic material
  • Ages: 3 to 12M


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